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Document: CRM : Advantages and benefits

In a modern era where the customer is king and computing an important tool to better manage these "kings", more and more companies want to equip themselves or be equipped with a CRM.

This tool has boomed in the 90s, before being decried as many products are emerging in various fields, but is now an essential part of business life, whether to improve, create or increase its sales force. 

Yet, as with any other tool, do not rush in first instance. The preliminary study of business processes, the involvement of future users and the orientation of the tool itself will be the key issues regarding the optimal integration of this system.

Also, this paper will give you a real vision on the issues companies look at, CRM capabilities to respond and the benefits that arise from it.

1. CRM, what for?

a) Retain customers

b) A business strategy

c) The vision of a company on the CRM

2. What is your company looking for?

3. The benefits of CRM

a) For the comapny

b) By departments

4. The concerns of the Board members

5. Expectations of commercial agents

6.The benefits and ROI of CRM

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