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Our CRM solutions consulting firm 

Reflex-CRM specialists at your service

Consulting firm Reflex-CRM is part of Reflex Solutions Group. All our consultants are experts in CRM project management. Their expertise and competence are unrivaled and their input will yield tremendous satisfaction for your business.

Reflex-CRM enables you to get a CRM solution that will obviously meet your needs !

There are a myriad of technological solutions in the market that enable you to organize, automate, and synchronize customers' data. So, putting in place a strategy to better manage customer relations and sales operations is definitely a blueprint for business growth. 
Our experts will guide you during the research process and later on with your choice of software. They will help you choose an appropriate solution in relation with your structure and expectations.

You can then submit your project to our team to get the required advice, and also freely download specifications (terms of reference), white papers and other literature that will allow you to better manage the deployment of your new software.

Our services

Help to write your request for proposal

System audit

Determination of your needs

Review of specifications

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Our team will guide you in achieving your CRM project.

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With our tool, write your specifications CRM online and free.

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The consulting firm Reflex-CRM is an agency specialised in CRM solutions. We take charge of the analysis of your current system, the writing of your specifications, the help to select solutions et infrastructure consulting. We put at your disposal a list of CRM editors and solutions as well as a list of CRMs sorted out by sector. We offer you personalized help to choose your solution and implement it. Moreover, you have the possibility to read are online literature : CRM white papers, CRM specifications and other documents related to CRM.