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Claude Bobet, Key Account Director, Agribusiness Sector

We called the firm Reflex CRM to help us implement a new CRM tool within the company. We did not know what the steps to follow were . Thus, experts have conducted an internal audit of our company and written down our specifications. The firm has put us in relationship with partners that fit our criteria. With Reflex-CRM, we have chosen the CRM tailored to our industry and our expectations. We can now manage our marketing and our everyday contacts efficiently and thus to face the market. This new tool allows us to improve profitability in both the commercial and marketing.


Testimonial of Henri Roue

Henry Roue, Director Sales Force, Industrial Sector

When we decided to change our CRM, we looked for a consulting firm able to assist us with this change. We trusted the firm Reflex-CRM, and today the company knows better performance and growth is well above last year. Their specialists have analyzed our specifications and then targeted precisely our needs, they put us in relation to three of their partners. We chose our solution among these three providers, we can now control our customer database, our service department. I can also now manage my team with my smartphone: schedules, the park, visit reports ...



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The consulting firm Reflex-CRM is an agency specialised in CRM solutions. We take charge of the analysis of your current system, the writing of your specifications, the help to select solutions et infrastructure consulting. We put at your disposal a list of CRM editors and solutions as well as a list of CRMs sorted out by sector. We offer you personalized help to choose your solution and implement it. Moreover, you have the possibility to read are online literature : CRM white papers, CRM specifications and other documents related to CRM.